The ROTC program and club is looking forward to another great semester here on the beautiful Dixie State University campus. We have really grown to love the school and community over the past three years. We welcome new students and invite them to come and take one of our fun classes. No, you don’t have to join the Army to take our classes.We just want you to attend and start honing your leadership and team building skills while having fun and making new friends.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement: The U.S. Army ROTC, 5th BDE, Cougar Battalion, Delta Company “Red Storm” at Dixie State University recruits, develops/trains, inspires, retains, and commissions lieutenants who are physically, mentally, and emotionally fit to lead American Soldiers in the current operational environment by providing purpose, motivation, and direction.

METL: This mission has five specific mission essential tasks:

  1. Recruit quality prospects
  2. Develop confident, competent leaders
  3. Retain all qualified cadets to commission
  4. Commission competent leaders of character
  5. Sustain the Force

Please visit the following link to find out more information regarding Cadet Command and ROTC.

Heroes Basketball Tournament

Each team must have three players on its roster who have registered their team by the predetermined entry deadline. Additions and/or changes to any roster must be approved by ROTC Event Staff member and completed prior to the start of a team’s first game of the event. No substitutions are allowed once a team has played its first game of the event. A player is allowed to participate for only one team in each division for the duration of the tournament.

THE TEAM CAPTAIN WILL REPRESENT HIS/HER TEAM AS A SPOKESPERSON AT ALL TIMES, and must verify the score sheet has correct roster prior to each game.

All games must start with three players on each team, unless a team with three players agrees to allow the opposing team to play with only two players.

If a team with a least three players does not allow the opposing team to play with two players, or if the opposing team has zero or one player, that team will be penalized one point per minute after the designated start time up to 10 points. Game is forfeited after 10 minutes.

A coin flip prior to the start of the game will determine which team has the initial possession. Each player must have a number on their shirt/jersey (numbers made with masking tape are acceptable).
Ensure all team members are wearing the same colored shirt/jersey.